Redcurrant Jelly with Mint & Chilli

This jelly which goes perfectly with lamb as well as venison. Try stirring into a casserole or gravy for added zing.

Our range of jellies

The Great Taste Judges said: "Intriguing! The colour is beautiful and the set is firm and bold"

Sussex Ale Jelly

Made with a Sussex pale ale. The hoppy yet gently sweet flavour goes brilliantly with cheeses, pork pies and scotch eggs!

Cider Jelly with Sage

Made with a Sussex Cider this jelly is great with roast pheasant and pork as well as soft cheeses.

Red Wine Jelly with Thyme & Juniper Berry

This jelly is fantastic with venison and game sausages. Try with roast chicken too. Or just stir a spoonful into your gravy!

The Great Taste Judges said: "A luscious jewel-bright soft set jelly with a sensational flavour. The thyme lingers beautifully and the balance between sweet and savoury is a tour de force"

Orange Jelly with Chilli & Cardamom

Great with duck, pates and terrines. Also goes beautifully with a good cheddar or even just with butter on toast!

The Great Taste Judges said: "Delicious cardamom hit and a gentle spike of chilli. An awesome little ​product"

Perry Jelly with Saffron & Ginger Root

The newest variety of jelly! Inspired by smoked duck. The pear cider, saffron and ginger compliment the rich flavour of duck, and also work great with cheese! 

The Great Taste Judges said: "A really intriguing combination of flavours and a great texture. The saffron comes though but doesn't overpower. The sweetness level is perfect and the ginger gives it a real depth of flavour. Really enjoyable and well crafted"